Bible Reading Plan

Welcome March!

This month we are going to focus on Here In God’s Presence

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Bible Reading Plan for March

We are in the final stretches of winter, so if you haven’t start packing away the winter clothing, now’s your chance! But if you’re ready to move on and look ahead to spring, March brings with it the hope of a new, warmer season ahead. Maybe we can start the spring season with preparing healthy and Easy Recipes for your family.

I know I’m not the only one excited for longer and warmer days ahead.  What comes to mind when you think about March.  When I think about March, I think about all the beautiful flowers, green grass.

It reminds me of smiling faces of children on vacation. Welcoming Day light savings time. When the days are longer. Family having family outings. Everyone is excited about Making Plans for Spring Break and Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Saint Patrick Day arrives and everyone is a little bit Irish, if only for the day as we search for a lucky shamrock and a pot of gold.

Looking for a daily Bible reading plan for the month of March 2023?  These Bible Reading Plans are an easy way to learn more about what the Bible has to say about different topics.

To help you grow in understanding, devotion, and love for God, our daily Bible reading plan takes us on a journey through all sections of God’s written revelation to mankind:

This month we will be talking about “Here in God’s Presence”. This plan will allow you to read a chapter each day. The greatest privilege we can ever have as Christians is to know God, to be in His presence, and to feel His love. God’s presence provides comfort in times of trouble or anxiety ( Joshua 1:5 ).  In His presence it comforts us, empowers us, strengthen us in difficult times.

If you haven’t created a habit of starting your day with God, I want to encourage you to start today! Whether you feel rushed in the mornings trying to get out the door on time or you’re in a busy season in your life, you can always find time to begin your day with God.

Below you will see Here in His Presence March Bible Reading Plan which also includes Monthly prayer, worksheets, and more.

Download the March Reading Plan as a single PDF file here.

A Prayer for March

Father, In the Name of Jesus, I thank you, God, for bringing us into the month of March. Be glorified in the name of Jesus. Father, help us to remain faithful and steadfast in your word. In Jesus’ name.

Prepare us for the journey You have for us. We understand preparation may bring tests and trials, but we know there’s nothing we can’t handle with You on our side. We have power through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

We are making an impact for the Kingdom of God. We are called and we are chosen. Thank You Lord for choosing us. We will stay rooted in your Holy Word as we keep moving forward, towards Your promises. God, we praise You. We give You all the glory, all the honor, and all the praise!

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Here in God’s Presence is a POWERFUL, devotional guide that teaches you the names and character of God from the absolute beginning:

  • HOW to sense the presence of God with you always!
  • How to commune with Him every moment of every day.
  • How to begin a powerful prayer life–with no pressure to perform! and
  • How to hear God’s voice–and to distinguish His voice from every other voice. Enjoy!

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