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 In the Bible, we’re instructed don’t ever forget my wordsKeep them deep within your heart. ISV. Do not let them out of your sight; keep them within your heart. Proverbs 4:21

We are not to forget God’s Words, we are to keep the Word of God deep within our hearts, and let it not depart from before our eyes. That’s why we created Free Christian Wallpapers for Your Phone, to help surround you with the Word, so that the Bible is alive in your heart every day, and Christ’s voice becomes louder than the world.  Our purpose is to help keep you close to Jesus Christ, and to proudly share your Christianity.

And speaking of keeping close, what is the one thing that we never leave home without? The thing that, these days, we can’t ever imagine living without. You got that right- your cell phone! 

That’s why we’ve created beautiful Christian phone wallpapers that you would proudly bear on your gadgets. Yes, even the wallpapers on your phone can be a conduit of faith and a declaration of your love for Christ. 

Our Free Christian Wallpaper for Your Phone can be a great reminder of your favorite verses which are conveniently and beautifully on your phone background! So, keep the word of God close to your heart and mind wherever you go, and download these awesome Christian phone wallpapers.

** Once you find the one you like, simply download it to your phone. You will then go to your camera roll and tap the image until the sharing menu comes up. Simply choose “wallpaper” and save!

Free Christian Wallpaper Bible Verse for Your Phone!

These Bible verse wallpapers are free to share them with anyone you think might be blessed by them! These bible verse wallpapers are geared to encourage specifically for difficult or trying times.

Whether you want to memorize scripture, or meditate on God’s word throughout the day, Free Christian Wallpaper for Your Phone are the perfect solution no matter what you’re using them for!

 As Christians, we are called to focus on things that noble and praiseworthy (Philippians 4).

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Why Use Christian Wallpaper for Your Phone?

Since phones have become a very big part of our lives, we should cover them with God’s Word. The Bible Verses will remind us of our God even when we are distracted on our phones.

Christian wallpaper for your phone is just another way to keep Bible verses close to your heart. You may even decide to memorize the Bible Verse on your phone. You can add new Christian backgrounds weekly if you want.

What are the first thing you grab when you wake up in the morning and the last thing you look at before falling asleep? For most of us, the answer to both questions is our phone!

Starting your day with the Word of God will make your whole day In the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, it can be very easy to forget about what matters most – God and His love for us. And we often prioritize the things on our phones over mediating on Scripture or reading the Bible.

 Our Free Christian Wallpapers for Your Phone are designed with powerful verses of Scripture or biblical phrases that we will see every time we pick up our phones. And let’s be honest, that could literally be over 1000 times in a single day (if not more!

Free Christian Wallpaper

Here are the Christian phone wallpapers that I created. I just love creating stuff that glories God. The exciting part is that all these Bible verse wallpapers will work on iPhone and Android.

Ready to save your free Christian wallpaper? It’s easy, just press and hold the image you want to use below and download it to your phone. Each phone is different but I’m going to try and explain this.

Once the image is downloaded, click on the three little dots on the right side of the image. You should see the option to “set as”. Choose “set as wallpaper”. That’s it’s. Now you should see the wallpaper as your home screen.

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Free Christian Wallpaper for Your Phone

Keep Jesus at your fingertips all throughout the day with these beautiful Christian wallpapers for your phone.

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